Dental News From Clearwater Dental Clinic

Why Choose A Family Dentist?

Your Family Dentist All dentists work on teeth, but not all dentists or dental clinics focus on dental care for the whole family.  Most family dentistry clinics fall into the category of general dentistry working to prevent and treat the most commonly occurring dental problems by offering a wide selection of dental services and solutions. 

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How To Clean Your Teeth With Braces

How Do I Clean My Teeth With Braces? Terrific, you just got new braces! You are on your way to a beautiful and confident smile, IF, you can figure out how to keep it all clean and shiny. Knowing the best way to brush your teeth with braces will help to maintain and speed along

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Top 5 Benefits of Invisalign

Does your confidence suffer due to crooked, gapped or otherwise misaligned teeth? If so, you don’t have to put up with years of wearing uncomfortable metal braces to correct these issues. You can get straighter teeth and the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted with Invisalign®. Here are five reasons to consider Invisalign® clear braces: 1. Clear,

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4 Reasons to Consider Dental Implants

Many North Americans can use dental implants to improve or maintain their smile. This technology can be a solution to the many problems associated with missing teeth, including loss of jawbone density, insufficient chewing capacity, slurred speech, and self-consciousness or embarrassment. Are dental implants right for you? Here are four reasons they just might be the solution you require. 1.

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